policy of the company management system

This Policy is a primary instrument to raise awareness the company on the principles of Quality and Security and it is applied to all areas specified in the perimeter of certification, as well as to Seastema staff, to customers and to suppliers who are in some way involved in the processes and / or in the management of information that are part of the field of application of the Integrated Management System, in any manner such information are presented (paper, electronic, transmitted verbally).
The integrated company policy was developed on the basis of international standards that provide the requirements of an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System and of an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Information Security.
The strategic principles to which the top management of Seastema is inspired to reach its objectives can be summarized as follows:

·    The customer focus, placing the customer satisfaction at the center of its philosophy, both for products and services;
·    The leadership, engaging to maintain active and to improve the management system with periodic reviews;
·    The system monitoring, defining, on the occasion of the review of the system by top management, evident, quantifiable and measurable objectives to evaluate its functionality;

·    The active participation of people, involving and sensitizing them at all levels on the concepts of quality and security and encouraging any initiative aimed at pursuing them;
·    The staff training, promoting the qualification and continuous training of human resources;
·    The monitoring of suppliers, favoring, when possible, the selection of suppliers in line with the company philosophy and collaborating with them in research of the best quality of products and services;

·    The alignment with the guidelines and indications provided by the group leader (Fincantieri) regarding compliance with corporate policies and joint golas;

·    The process approach, simplifying at the same time the structure of operational processes through simple procedures and instructions to eliminate any pejorative superstructures for the purposes of Quality results and of Security;
·    The improvement, verifying the results obtained and relaunching towards the achievement of excellence levels;

·    The decision process based on the evidence and on the risk assessment;

·    The management of internal and external relations;

·    The maintenance the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.

The purpose of the measures identified by the Integrated Management System is to "oppose", "prevent", "dissuade", "detect", "mitigate", "restore" or "correct" the threats that may impend on the corporate information systems, as well as on all the resources that can have a direct and indirect impact on the correct supply of services and products.