"Light Bridge Console" Benetti Oasis at the Genoa show

The system is considered a plus in constructive and engineering design as well as one of the most important innovations of the revolutionary Benetti Oasis 40 mt model


The idea has materialized thanks to a design of absolute prestige created by Seastema, which includes two conjugations of consoles: the "Light Bridge Console" installed on the Diamond model and the "Light Bridge Captain Chair" installed on the Oasis model. In both solutions, carbon fiber was used in order to obtain a thin and light structure with great resistance and silence. The development of the two projects was possible thanks to the use of new software technologies for the integration of the systems developed by Seastema through the SEASYacht platform with latest generation MPEV (Marine Portal EVolution) technology for the construction of the operator interface.

The first important result of this project is installed on the “First of Model” of the Diamond series delivered in July to the great satisfaction of customer and shipyard.

With the Oasis model, the bridge console gives way to two small "peninsulas", similar to the armrests of a "Captain Chair", which leaves the captain's view of the sea, completely open.

The electronic command and control systems of the two models, are the same, with important features:

Advanced and certified system that reduces cabling, electronic and controls on the bridge console


Simple and innovative man-machine software interface created with the latest graphics technologies available with Windows 10

Applications activation and visualization management made via software by using the network infrastructures (not KVM switches)

Navigation sensors integrated in the network to provide centralized management

“Plug & Play” console’s installation with short commissioning times and simplified maintenance.


Ordered in July 2019, the first system was built and delivered in one year.

The installation, wiring and start-up of the console took place in a few days, demonstrating the announced "Plug and Play" system feature.


The system provides integrated navigation with a X-band radar, certified electronic cartography, tourist cartography, conning display (provided by Seastema), AIS, certified log and echo sounder, DGPS, GMDSS class REG-Code communications.


These bridge consoles are revolutionary and innovative as they allow you to free up volumes in the room and discover the view towards the bow, with a slim and light design, aesthetically pleasing and technologically advanced. The aim is to transform the wheelhouse into a liveable space, facing the sea and offering new opportunities for architectural development that were previously unthinkable.