SEASMast™ is SEASTEMA’s solution for the management of machinery, auxiliary and safety systems

in a state-of-the-art integrated control and supervision environment, specifically devised for Cruise and Merchant vessels.

The core of SEASMast™ is the Integrated Automation System (IAS), which includes the following sub-systems

  • Machinery propulsion monitoring and control system

  • Power Management System

  • Hull services monitoring and control system

  • HVAC plant monitoring and control system

The modular architecture of the system allows customizing the automation system according to the specific operational requirements of the cruise/merchant operator. In particular the following automation sub-systems can be added to IAS to provide a complete ship management solution.


  • Safety Management System

  • Loading Computer

  • Emergency Shut-Down System

  • Energy Management System

The Energy Management System (EMS) is a Decision Support System specifically designed to meet the fuel-saving requirements of Cruise operators but can be as well be used for other Merchant vessels.

The primary puropose of the EMS is to support the operators onboard on the daily management of the relevant ship systems and ship conduction and the technical offices ashore on the long-term management of the ship, aiming at maximise the energy efficiency and minimize the fuel consumption.

To this end the EMS monitors in real-time the performance and the efficiency of the main energy-related ship plants/ processes, namely: propulsion services, electric services, fuels users, heat users.


SEASMAST™ Brochure