SEASTactics™ | integrated system

SEASTactics™ is the new edge of the whole ship integration for Offshore Patrol Vessels and, more in general, for units operating in low intensity and asymmetric warfare scenarios.

SEASTEMA S.P.A provides a fully integrated and cost effective solution, named SEASTactics, developed  to meet current and emerging requirements of Offshore Patrol Vessel (OPV), Fast Attack Craft (FAC), Mine CounterMeasures Vessel (MCMV), Auxiliary Ship (Aux) and Coast Guard Patrol Vessels.
SEASTactics™ offers an integrated modular and scalable architecture consisting of five sub-systems (or “segments”):

  • Presentation and Networking

  • Navigation

  • Automation

  • Communications

  • Mission

SEASTEMA acts as the only interface with the end user and the shipyard for all the electronic system aspect, thus resulting in a cost optimization, strong risk reduction and simplified procurement and program management.

SEASTactics™ design has been addressed to achieve the following goals: 
•    Reduction of the architecture complexity with respect to less integrated solutions; 
•    Simplification of interconnections and installation aspects;
•    Optimization of the system's HW resources through their maximum sharing;
•    Standardization of electronic components and Extensive use of COTS;
•    Reduction of the  maintenance costs;
•    Reduction of crew and training needs;
•    Low acquisition and life cycle costs.
•    Growth potential towards dual use and remote operated versions

SEASTActics provide facilities to support the different missions including:

•    Maritime Constabulary Operations, such as illegal immigration control, anti-smuggling, fishing protection.
•    Economic Exclusive Zone (EEZ) Surveillance 
•    Coastal and Off-shore Patrolling
•    Search and Rescue (SAR) and Humanitarian Relief. 
•    Self Defense
•    Protection of Sea Lines of Communication (SLOCs)
•    Asymmetric Surface Warfare

A key element of SEASTactics is the Tactical Mission System (TMS) for Command and Control of the tactical operations. TMS is responsible for all SEASTactics Sub-Systems coordination and supervision, including the status of all components of the system, thus ensuring immediate warning about any condition that can affect the  mission. 
SEASTactics can be also provided with a Fire Control System capable of control and guide guns up to medium caliber.

Brochure SEASTactis™